Do you count the weight of the barbell?

Hey guys,
I’m starting the Hybrid journey and for the back squats exercise it says:
Back squat . 12.5 kg
If the bar’s weight is part of the total lifted, and the standard bar weighs 45 pounds (20 KG), am I supposed to use dumbbells for the exercise until the weight is greater than 20 KG?

Hi, personally I have been doing that (counting the weight of the bar and using dumb bells when I need lighter weights than the bar). There are lighter bars but mine is 15kgs. So for anything less the 15kgs, I have been using dumb bells even when the app asks for a bar and weights, instead of buying a lighter bar.


Hi @idiezaguilar
There is no “standard bar”. I guess you mean the regular olympic weightlifting bar for men (which weighs 20KG). There are many other ones weighing less than this like a Hot Iron bar which just weigh 2KG.
If the assigned weigh is less than the one your used bar weighs (this could happen because there is no setting which bar you use), you could either edit the weigh (as long as you feel comfortable with it doing the exercise) or you could use a dumbbell or plate instead.

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