Barbell tone or hybrid strength

I’m not able to choose between these two… I want to up my strength, but at the same time tone my body. I feel that both of the programs does this. But what is exactly the difference? And which program is better to do when?

Hey @Susanne :wave:t2:

There really isn’t a straightforward answer to this kind of question-it very much depends on your goals and what you want to try and achieve, as well as other factors such as your current muscle and fat mass.

For most Athletes, most of the time, Barbell Tone may have a greater potential to increase strength and muscle mass, while hybrid strength would usually be better suited to develop a more holistic physique. So, you probably need to choose which of your aims is most important to you and base your decision on that.

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Hi @Susanne ,

I did Barbell Tone and now doing Hybrid Strength, both are really good journey the main difference that I am noticing is that hybrid strength combines more Bodyweight exercises than Barbell Tone.

My recommendation:
If you prefer more the gym equipment intervals, go for barbell tone journey.

If you prefer a variation between gym equipment intervals, Bodyweight intervals and Gods Workout…go for hybrid strength.

Good luck and enjoy any journey you choose! :clap::clap:

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