More barbell journeys?

Hi All

I am allmost done with my barbelt journey . However I was wondering as I want to continue with barbelt if there are more barbell journeys ?

Hi @Masterblaster, I think they are currently only 2 barbell journeys. The Barbell Gain (purely barbell work) and the Hybrid Strength journey (mix of bodyweight and Barbell).
I am currently on the Hybrid Journey and it is awesome! you can even add dumbbells and kettlebells if you have access to some.

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Hi Tom , what if you completed them ?

Hi @Masterblaster, you can always repeat them, the Coach will adapt from your previous training and the journeys will always be different.

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@TomG I just restarted the barbell journey , however the coach did NOT adapt from my prevoius sessions. Coach did force me to setup the weights agaion same as I used to do it when I started the session the first time. exercises are all the same !

Also it would be nice if you could combine additional equipment that I have to a session like a rower or cattle belt. Or if different practices like snatches or cleans could be added.

Hey @Masterblaster, thanks for letting me know!
I think the coach will ask you again for your weights just in case you have done weight training in a while, but it still remembers all of your PB and sessions.
Unfortunately, currently, in the pure barbell journey, you won’t have a lot of diversification in exercises. The main lifts are still the same as there are c not a lot of barbell exercises in the library. You will have a few more exercices towards the end of your journey like Thrusters and Sumo pulls for examples.

If you would like more diversified exercises and the ability to add dumbbells and kettlebells, you should try out the Hybrid strength journey. In this one you will have heavy barbells days and hybrid days with a mix of dumbbells/kettlebells/body weight /bands exercises, depending on what equipments you have checked as available in your Coach settings.
Currently, the rowing machine is not available as eligible equipment In the app.

As an example, last week, I had 5 days in the hybrid strength journey. 2 heavy barbell days, 1 upper, 1 lower), 1 God day, 2 hybrid days (1 upper, 1 lower). The hybrid days, especially the lower days, usually have a strength interval and then a conditioning interval. Last week I had a great one which was split squat jump, mountain climbers and dumbbell cleans.