Base challenge streak interrupted by mistake

Hey there guys,

I’d like to ask if a staff member could restore my base streak, which got interrupted on the 11th of June (I think because I’ve ended a training with the Samsung Health app past 00:00 o’clock).

On the 11th, only 15 minutes total were tracked, as my run was tracked too late - at least that’s what I think happened and what a German staff member told me (She doesn’t reply anymore since 10 days, so I thought I’d raise this in the English forum)

It would be great if you could fuse the first 35 days to all the days I’ve reached the base training ever since.

Please see the screenshot below to show the training on the 11th.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :heart:

Best wishes,

Hey @acrunch62 :wave:t2:

It didn’t come to an end on the 11th June. I’ll send you a DM to explain :+1:t2: