Base streak reset itself!


I’ve lost my base streak - for some reason it’s reset itself to one, despite me having completed >17mins of activity every day this year. I was hoping to be in the competition, and it’s disheartening to lose the streak.

Help appreciated, thank you in advance!

Samsung Galaxy S10; I didn’t open the app yesterday but it’s recorded all the walking I did, yet cancelled my streak. Uninstall/reinstall didn’t fix it.


**Before reporting a potential bug, please first try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. **

In order for our technical engineers to reproduce and understand your problem as quickly as possible, we usually need answers to the following questions :point_down:t2:

-Description of every single step you made until you encountered this error-what did you do, what happened?

-What is the brand and model of your mobile device? (for example iPhone 13 / Galaxy S21)

-Which operation system is your device using? (for example iOS 13 / Android 11)

-Which version of the Freeletics app are you using? (for example 6.37)

-Which language is your app set to?

-Which timezone/state/country are you in?

-What date and time did this problem occur?

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Hi Lucy :wave:t2:

I’m sorry that your Streak reset to Zero, but you do need to open your Freeletics app each day to sync your Base. We do say that in the challenge description.


Thanks for the reply, Ben. Any chance the streak can be corrected? I can share screenshots to prove minimum exercise levels were met. :pray:

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Hi ! I pop in because i have the exact same issue. Is there anyway it could be corrected at least for this month ? There is a chance we are quite a few in this situation.

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Hey @lucybune and @niniehannahlois :wave:t2:

Unfortunately, correcting retrospectively is not something that we are able to do. I understand the disappointment completely :frowning_face:

You do still have the opportunity to win a prize in the second half of this month, and we also now decided to run this competition again later this year.

The post :point_down:t2: will give a bit more information :+1:t2:


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I’m having similar issues. Even on days that I open the app, it’s not syncing my information. It only synced on Jan 1 and 2 for me. Then it seems to have stopped, even when I open and use the app.

Hi. Same here. The most frustrating thing about it all is that the app actually has all the data starting 1/1… I see every single activity synced to the app from the external trackers. It only misses the streak thingy… I think it’s really a pretty simple database update, or simple functionality tweak, but I understand you have other priorities too. I would have done it for myself anyway, but it’s a shame this wasn’t properly tested prior to running such a campaign :frowning:

Same here, streak is gone :pensive:. Disappointing…

Hi having the same issue although I opened the app everyday and all workouts of the past 9 days are shown. Can you please fix that?

Hey @raykkozian :wave:t2: You should now be seeing the correct Streak :+1:t2:


Thanks Ben, much appreciated! The streak is now displayed correctly:)

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Hey Ben, unfortunately it happened agan bit this time i had a massive streak :confused: can you please fix it again?

I have completed my base every day in 2024 and also keep loosing my streak which is disappointing :sob:.

Hopefully it is something they can fix it. Can I uninstall and reinstall the app without loosing all of my data?

Yes, because your data isn’t stored on your mobile phone.

Hey @raykkozian, sorry for the late feedback - has your streak been updated by now?

Hey there guys,

I’d like to chime in on this. For some reason my 35 day streak was reset to 0 a few days ago. Is there any chance this can be corrected for me as well? And, also, anything I can do to prevent the app from doing this in the future?