Beginner advice

Hi all,
I need some guidance please.
55 year old just starting my journey. I want to do 20-30 mins every day.
I started on the 15 minutes fitness program yesterday. Day 1 ok, a little sore.
Day 2 I’ve struggled, the program was a dynamic warm up followed by a 1/2 Amazona. I couldn’t complete the required reps on some of the exercises. After the program it then gave me a pb that is wrong because I couldn’t complete the program.
What should I do?
Should I scrap the journey until I’ve got some more strength and fitness?
Any advice would be great, thanks.

Hey Gary and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This journey is very good for beginners like you so you picked a good one. No you don’t have to restart, just try giving appropriate feedback and the coach will adapt to you. And your body will adapt too soon :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply.
What about not completing reps? I don’t want false PB’s?

Hey Gary :wave:t2:

A couple of things I want to add :point_down:t2:

  1. If you were not able to do all the reps you really need to give the most negative feedback on each question :+1:t2:

  2. Re this :point_down:t2:

It’s not a false PB if you complete a workout without doing all the reps. Completing a workout without being able to do all the assigned exercises may still be the best you have been able to do so far (I appreciate this won’t ALWAYS be the case, but for most of the time, it is likely to work out so).

Try to substitute an exercise if you reach a stage where you can no longer do any more-as an example, let’s say you are assigned pushups and reach a point in the workout you can’t do anymore, you can try switching to knee pushups. Then at the end, still give the Coach negative feedback, indicating that you could not do the assigned reps and had to use an alternative exercise.

When you reach the stage (and trust me, keep up the efforts and you will :muscle:t2:) where you can do all the assigned exercises, you’ll be able to indicate to the Coach that you did the workout with all the reps and technique, and you’ll be awarded a :star: with your PB. A PB with a Star will always be rated higher than a workout without one, even though it may take you longer to complete.

If you can, do try and complete the workout, even if needing to take a short break to shake off the arms and legs, and focus on your technique more than trying to complete the workout as fast as possible. You’ll make the best progress ensuring you are doing exercises with the correct technique.

Keep smashing it :muscle:t2:


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To add to @Ben answer, having problem on day 2 is not a shame, it’s quite normal.
Be honest with the feed back, stay in line with the app request be consistent (and modest at the beginning) and result will follow… in a not so distant future, you will have a smile reading your firsts days impressions.

Good luck

Luc ( i’m 63 myself and I just finished my 4th journey, I have now for warmup, exercices I nearly failed to execute as an interval a year ago )

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