Cannot provide feeback on warmup/cooldown excersizes?

I joined Freeletics yesterday and just did my first workout. It was a good workout, but I was frustrated by some of the warmup and cooldown excersizes. I am frankly not in good shape and some of them were very difficult to do. The app asks how the interval exercises went and I assume it will take this into account.

How can I provide the same feedback on the warmup/cooldowns? I dont want to be stuck having to skip some, which would make me feel like i’m not doing enough.

Hey @jvdbent :wave:t2:

The warm-ups are essential to prepare you for the session ahead. They are meant to get your heart pumping a little bit and your muscles warmed up. What are you struggling with in the warm-ups exactly?

If you are, as you put it, “not in good shape”, I would strongly urge you to start off with a Training Journey such as 15-Minute Fitness. This Training Journey would be ideal to get you started, and to steadily get you in to the routine of working out, whilst not making the workouts so hard that they get demotivating. After completing this, you could then consider moving on to a different Journey :+1:t2:


Hi Ben,

I started with the “Fit For Life” journey because it stated “Master the basics of fitness” as one of the results. This sounded to me as the best place to start.
Should I change to 15 minute fitness? If so, maybe the text of these journeys should be adjusted to more clearly convey which is the best journey to start with.

We have 3 different Journeys for Athletes very new to training:

15 Minute Fitness
Start Strong/Smart
Fit for Life

All are generally suitable for those looking to start training for the first time, but Fit for Life is probably the more challenging of the 3 :+1:t2: As a result, I would suggest moving to one of the others.

After you start, it may take a few sessions for the Coach to build up a picture of where you at-this is why the feedback you give is so important :+1:t2:


If there are exercises that you cannot do (yet :sweat_smile:) you can exclude them. I believe up to 10 can be ‘blocked’ that way. If you do that they won’t appear in your warming up routine either.
Anyway, welcome in the freeletics community and just keep at it :clap: