1st journey completed, now what

Hi all,
Just completed my 1st journey, 15 minutes fitness.
Wondering what to do now?
The 15 minutes fitness suits my timings perfectly, training 5 mornings per week, 20-30 min total including warm up and cool down.
Can anyone suggest a similar journey?
If I do the same journey again will coach keep the intensity I finished with? Or will it start again?
Any advice would be great.

In theory, the coach will monitor and consider your progress. Simply choose a new training journey that aligns with your goals and begin. If you prefer, you can also redo the ‘15-minute fitness’. Should the coach recommend longer workout sessions, remember you can always adjust them and request sessions that are just 15 minutes long.

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Are the sessions in 15-min fitness really taking 30 min with warmup and cooldown? Hm, I thought I remembered them taking around 15 min total.

In any case, it should be the journey with the shortest sessions. If that is the main factor for you, go ahead and do the same journey.
I personally would hate to choose a journey with longer sessions only to hit “give me a shorter one today” every day - I am that lazy :melting_face: (or efficient :grimacing:)

If you ever feel that it is not challenging enough, just be sure to give “It was too easy” feedback at the end of the workout. And be sure to say you’ve nailed the technique whenever you do, so Coach can progress you to more advanced variations and keep it challenging.

Thanks for this topic! My question regards continuity between training journeys. Specifically, I just completed “HIIT and Run Weight Loss”. When I chose my next journey, “Run and Burn”, I expected the distances to reflect the progress made during the previous journey. Instead, it seems like going back to the beginning with much shorter runs than I had been accomplishing. Is this correct and part of the plan? Is the subsequent training journey built from previous progress or does each training journey start from a basic level?

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As far as I know first week of journey should be assessment week even if you previously completed multiple journeys.

If you are getting shorter runs that’s probably normal for the first week, just remember to submit feedback that it was too easy and perhaps things will bump up for following weeks.