Bootcamp episode 4

Hey everybody me again :partying_face:

This weeks episode of the bootcamp covers a Topic that everybody has to face once in a while. LOW MOTIVATION.

I always advice people to have a group where they meet and train together no matter what. To me that was always a reason to show up because even if I did not feel it on one or the other day - I know that people are there and waiting for others to show up. As simple as that. Ask people to join - make training commitments and most of all have fun meeting with friends and listening to great music while doing burpees.

I also watch some motivational videos or speeches to get in the right mindset because the only thing that comes between you and your workout is your mind. Because there is always time for 15-20min in a day.

If you have some more tips on how to deal with low motivation - write them down in the comments.




I watch videos of Arnold training and i am pumped! Definately a motivation booster for me :grimacing: