Episode 8 Kettlebells

Hello, and happy Wednesday! Today in our new Bootcamp Episode we will talk about Kettlebells. :man_lifting_weights:t3:

For all of you who are curious to start or try a KB workout but won’t change their whole Training journey - next time when you are at the gym (or have access to a KB) try one of our 10, 15 or 20min KB workouts in the app.

I love challenging my muscles with new movements and exercises and the KB has made it to my top workout equipments.
This week we challenged every Bootcamper to pick up a Kettlebell and use it for their workout and the feedback was really good - check out the episode our yourself and if you also feel like trying something new check out the 10min workout :point_right:t3: Kettlebell Activation in the Freeletics app. A great full body workout and only 10 min :smiley:

Stay tuned for next week because we will conquer Aphrodite!

See you next week.

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So I have never trained with weights and I don’t really want to, but I just want to say what a legend Pratik is-I love listening to him in these videos.

I wish he was on the Forum to tell us a bit more about his own story!