Bootcamp Episode 7

Here is my afternoon aka late night snack for you - Bootcamp

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When I started Freeletics I was all about having a six pack and I thought in the beginning that the more I work out the faster I see results.
What a lie.
Very quickly I educated myself about Nutrition and how much it goes along with Training and seeing results.

So If your goal is more physically than performance or skill wise - make sure you know what you put insight your body and what you should avoid. In general I would guess you all know what to eat and what not…
less carbs in general meaning no Pizza Pasta or Bread every day and try to built your meal around your protein first.

No sodas and less sweets. It is not that hard if you really want to see changes PLUS your body will appreciate it more than you know. Try a challenges next to your Training Journey or 60-90n days or cleaner eating.

You dont have to make drastic changes - go slow but steady and if you start now you’ll see results in Summer.
Check out the episode for more facts and see what our bootcampers have to say to nutrition themselves.

See you next week.

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Im currently trying to gain muscle (and not so much fat). I’ve read you need so many grams of protein per body weight ratio, but that much protein seems like it’s a lot to eat!

I weigh around 160lbs (72kg) do I honestly need to ingest nearly 160 grams of protein to build adequate muscle?

Is this the only way?

Hey :slight_smile: so in terms of protein and bodyweight it is more like 1,5g per bodyweight so for you it would be 144g of protein a day also you can start with less and work yourself up to the right about over the net 3-4 month. This isnt a quick fix as so many want and I know you are not one of them. So taking it day by day and focusing your meals around your protein first. If it is - fish, chicken, tofu, or chickpeas no matter the source you choose it is always important to check if there is enough protein on your plate.

Try it for the next month and see how you feel - stay with the protein and the training and see what your body tells you.

You got this. Keep going, it is worth it.