Can’t do an exercise


I’ve just started using the app and have been given a pull up jump up exercise to do. There is no way I can do that.

How do I change it for an easier one?


Scale it down to an exercise you can do like shoulder Pullup (scapula Pullup), ring rows (if you have rings), Australian Pullups ( if you have a lower bar) or simple Dead Hang. Important is that you give correct feedback to your coach (no star because of that exercise). You will be faced to exercises you can’t do in your free athlete life - that’s normal as we are not perfect athletes able to do everything. Scaling down and giving correct feedback is the clue.

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Hey Lucy :wave:t2: A huge welcome :muscle:t2:

This :point_up:t2: is great advice and hugely important to remember.

Please do this :point_up:t2: Scale the exercise down, and tell the Coach you were not able to do the assigned exercise :+1:t2:

A tip of my own, maybe try to complete the 30 day Freeletics pull-up challenge for beginners :point_down:t2:

Finally, don’t give up! If training was easy we would all look like Greek Gods :muscle:t2:


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