Exercice to replace in a PB

Hello there,
When my coach gives me a PB to do, it can happen that there is an exercise I cannot do. For example Knee jumps, this is too difficult to me. How can I replace them and is there any exercises to train, so I can do them? Or is it just because I am not too fast? Thank you for your help.

Hi Yvan,
everytime you are faced with an exercise you cannot perform, you are free to scale it down to an exercise you are comfortable with. The right feedback in this case (you had to replace an exercise and no star) is the key. I guess the coach assigned Empousa to you. I also cannot do Knee Jumps (I’m too cerebral…), so I scale it down to the most difficult but doable level (Knee Jumps with heels up and insteps off the floor).
There are some progression videos on YouTube: like this one from Coach Nick or this one.

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Thank you so much for the links…
I think everyone has an exercice that the coach assigned and cannot be done because of its difficulty.
A long time ago, I put three exercices on the excluded list but I found frustrating not to improve them.
I will do Empousa and try the knee jumps. I mean, I can do them, but my technique is not perfect, I sometimes arrive with my hands on the floor…I should not think about the 8-11 minutes I “normally” have to finish it, but the time it will take me to do it. I think the most important with the PB is that we do the exercices right, not the time it should takes. Of course, I should be very happy when I did it in a better time.
What do you think?

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I like to say: technique first. Time can be improven next time. I would never switch to an easier exercise if I can do it “star worthy” - only to be faster :person_shrugging:
I often ask myself where these time estimations come from - either I am way faster or I am way slower than these :joy:

Exactly…Technique is the best.