Cardio complement to dumbbell gain journey

Hi, I am Sergio and have recently completed my first journey (weights free gain) and have started dumbbell gain as my second journey.

I really like the setup so far (3 sessions in), the reps and sets are good and the body spread is also good.

However I am missing the cardio component. I understand that cardio and bulking up seem to be in opposite side of the balance. I am looking for a way to keep my endurance while doing the dumbbell gain journey.

My question is, what is better for this purpose, adding a god workout (like Morpheus or Theseus) or better to do a 10 minute run?

Regards, thanks in advance and happy training!

I would probably mix it up @sergiofajardo :+1:t2:

Depending on the weather, how I feel on the day, how much time I’ve got, I would probably switch between these 2 occasionally. Also, consider throwing something like a bike ride, row or swim in to the mix :+1:t2:


:+1: thanks for the reply!