Is my coach broken?


I have just finished the Dumbbell gain journey, before that I finished the weights free gain one. For those cases I had my goals as:

  1. Build muscle
  2. Improve fitness
  3. Improve endurance

The first recommendation was indeed WFG, which I enjoyed a lot. For the second journey it still recommended the same, but I chose dumbbell gain as I wanted to really focus on increasing mass.

For my next one, I bumped goal 1 (build muscle) to the end of the list and I stated that I prefer to do bodyweight workouts over dumbbell workouts.

However the coach recommendation is dumbbell gain again, even though it has little focus on endurance (cardio) and gives priority to dumbbell exercises.

My question is, has the coach gained enough information (from my feedback) to think I am too weak and need to improve on building muscle and strength or is it just not picking up my goals?

Thanks for any help here.



Hi @sergiofajardo, I think the coach recommends the dumbbell gain journey here because it builds towards these specific goals in the most efficient way and the best bang for your buck using a variety of dumbbells, resistance training and with the way the journey is structured.
I think you need to see “Endurance” as not necessarily “cardio”, but “muscle endurance” which can be achieved with a higher rep range 15+.

The dumbbell gain journey will improve your overall fitness by making you stronger, and more athletic. It will improve your endurance as you will have access to higher volume with resistance training and obviously build muscle by doing some hypertrophy work.

If your goal is building endurance as in cardio, I would recommend choosing “Burn fat” instead of increase endurance :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!