Journey with both dumbbells and bodyweight?

Hi there! I have done the Start Strong, Weights Free Gain (2x) and the Dumbell Gain journeys. My goal is muscle gain.

I would really like to do a journey that combines callisthenics, like pullups and pushups, as well as Dumbell exercises, for the variety and more functional strength. I don’t have access to barbells. I even would like to use the bands I have sometimes.

Is there a journey that will do this? I really love the set-it-and-forget-it nature of the journey option, but Dumbell Gain is getting stale. Thoughts?

Hey and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is no journey that combine these two the way you want it. As you already know you can do the dumbbell gain or just do a bodyweight journey with extra dumbbells but it won’t be as much as you may like it.
At least coach knows that you can do many dumbbell exercises already so it will give you these more often :slight_smile:

Did you already have access to a pull-up bar and dumbbells when you did Weights-Free Gain?
Because if you have them added as equipment on that journey, this is exactly what you would get - a mix of bodyweight, dumbbell, pull-up bar exercises and lots of pushups. I am doing this journey now.

In principle, you could pick any bodyweight journey, and as long as you specify your equipment, you will get that mix.

P.S.: I’ve heard the complaint of dumbbell gain being boring many times, which is why I went with a bodyweight journey + dumbbells myself :slight_smile: I haven’t yet incorporated resistance bands but I am also thinking of getting them and adding them to my workouts - definitely will make it even more fun.

P.S.: I’ve heard the complaint of dumbbell gain being boring many times,

The dumbbell journey IS boring, but this is clearly (well sort of) stated in its presentation, but it is very efficient to “upgrade” a body a little bit lacking when it comes to muscle (it’s my case, I lack shoulders) and the result is quite obvious (for me).


I share your views. I’m midway through the weight free gain programme and find some days too easy with what’s set up for me. I have continually fed back to coach stating the exercises are easy but not much seems to be changing. I have a pull up bar and dumbbells which it very occasionally throws into the mix.
I would welcome a programme combining dumbbells and bodyweight. I hear hybrid is good but alas I lack a rack!

Yeah what’s up with that, I don’t see why you need a barbell and rack for the hybrid program. Pretty easy to sub Dumbell exercises. I wonder if I can just substitute myself.

Anyway this might force me off the platform if anyone is listening at Freeletics. The whole benefit of this to me is I don’t have to think about it… I’m thinking over here, it hurts!

Exactly! I feel the same. I have subscribed for one year but likely I will be stopping there! I may stop weight free gain midway and attempt hybrid as a last ditch attempt with freeletics! Good luck