No biceps in the training?

Hello all !

This is my third day with Freeletics, using the coach under the “conditioning” trail and including dumbells in my equipment.
I do get dumbell exercises, the first day I got some rows, today some weighted single-leg pushups, and looking some days forward from today, I will have some sideways lift, exercises that I see mostly for back and core, but I don’t see any exercises like biceps curl or the sort and I’m afraid that the coach will forget about the biceps?

I’m still in the “evaluation week”, not sure if that would affect which exercises the coach chooses.

Also, I don’t have a pull-up bar, would it help with this if I figure out a way to fit one of those in my home? I don’t like the ones that can be attached at the door, just don’t feel safe.

Thank you!


Which journey are you doing?

I think you won‘t get a lot of biceps curls throughout these Bodyweight-based journeys, but a lot of exercises which also stimulate your biceps. (e.g. Band/Dumbell Bent Rows)

A Pull-up bar is definitely a great tool for bodyweight training.

Edit: You can add some biceps curls (from the explore tab) between your last interval and the cooldown anytime.

Hello Moo,

Thanks for writing back.
I’m not so sure about the journey name, I selected it at the beginning and don’t know where to look the name now, but it’s probably “cardio burn”.

If body-weight based journeys don’t have many biceps, are there any other type of journeys to choose? I don’t have more than a pair of dumbells, so it is not like I could do a full-equip kind of journey.

It’s not that I’m obsesed with biceps, just that before I used Nike Training Club on “body-weight” program, and with that app it included no dumbells or anything, and so a lot of effort was placed on the legs and jumping around while biceps and back was totally forgotten. I’m just afraid something like that might happen.

Thanks again.

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You find the name of the journey in the right upper corner of the coach tab. (see pic below)

If it‘s „Cardio Burn“ this isn‘t a journey designed for muscle growth, so I’m not sure if you choosed it right. It‘s a journey mainly built to loose weight/bodyfat and improve stamina.
Maybe „Strenght&Stamina“ is the better choice for you, if you want to build muscles and get some cardio intervals.

You don‘t have to worry about that. In my experience the coach will give you exercises/workouts for every muscle group throughout the week.

Edit: here is the bodyweight journey overview:

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Hello Moo,

Thanks for your feedback, I will keep at it and try to get some room for a pull-up bar in the meanwhile.

Actually I need to lose body-fat, I’m ok in the strength/stamina field, but I have one of “those bodies”.
I will have a look at the link.

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