Classic workout plan

I think it would be great to have a classic workout plan where there would be excercises with dumbbell and barbell too and other foundamental bodyweight excercises also like pull-up for example.
So like a classic bodybuilder plan.

So you wish a bodybuilding program in a dedicated functional fitness app? :thinking:

There is a barbell program, there is a dumbbell program, there is a barbell with bodyweight program, right?

Why a barbell+dumbbell+bodyweight program would be less functional program then the above mentioned programmes?

That’s not what I mean. A classic bodybuilding program is not functional fitness. It’s about building a body with nice to see muscles - not meant to be functional.
So you want to see a Journey including all possible and existing equipment someone has?
I’m not sure about barbells - but dumbbells and kettlebells could be add to every bodyweight journey.

If you see the above mentioned programmes, none of them are pure functional programmes. 70-80% of the excercises contains classic excersises like bench press with barbell/dumbbell, shoulder press, biceps curl.

If there is a journey with barbell and bodyweight excercises (called Hybrid strength), why do you think it would be less “functional” if we add dumbbell excersises too?

Classic bodybuilding is about building a body with a mass of muscles. Main focus is aesthetics - not strength nor being funktional.
All the programmes mentioned focussing strength endurance. Never saw someone doing a ladder until failure (to determine 1RM).
If I understand correctly, it’s not a classic bodybuilder plan but a mixture of possible Training Journey regarding equipment missing? Like a Hybrid Strength with Dumbbells or Barbells (all in one Journey including Bodyweight exercises).
I’m not sure where here in forum I read this, but as it’s a common wish of many users to do two journeys at the same time, there are already plans to integrate this.

Yes, you are right, I meant like this: to mix the already existing plans (dumbell, barbell and also bodywheight excercises), and the aim would be the same as for the others: to gain muscle.

The difference that personally I wouldnt do 2 plans at the same time (how can you decide which one to do on an added day) but it would be much better to have the above mentioned excercises in 1 journey.

Hey Akos :wave:t2:

There is a way to get a Journey that very broadly delivers what you are looking for.

Hats off to @TomG for regularly advising Athletes of this, and also pushing for an integrated Training experience.



Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for your advise!