Coach adjustment on Journey + Free Run

Hi all,

At the moment I am in the Explosive Strength Journey to get back into shape after my cruciate ligament rupture. However, I have ruled out sprints for the time being as I would like to incorporate normal endurance runs beforehand.

This also leads to my question. Are free runs that I have done included in the daily adjustments for the coach mut via the Explore tab?

Hey Christopher :wave:t2:

With any sprints and runs that you add to your training from the Explore tab, although you will still get recognition from the Coach in terms of points and can set personal best times for the set distances eg 5 km free run, the Coach won’t consider these when it comes to your future Coach assigned training i.e. those sessions assigned as part of your regular Training Journey.

Hope that’s clear!


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Hi Ben,

Thx for the quick respsonse. That answers fully my question.

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I just want to throw this out… it would be really cool for the coach to take these things into consideration. I would love to be able to throw in a 10k run in my week and have the coach adjust the rest of my week based on the additional strain I put on my body, I can make the adjustments myself (sore legs and shorter workout the next day) but it would be really cool if the coach could do it for me.