Option to tell coach to include a run

As part of the coach settings there is an option to exclude runs. I would like there to be an additional option to tell the coach to include a run each week. I train 5 days a week but like doing at least one run every week so get disappointed if coach doesn’t give me one.

I second that:
I remember the „Wonderboy Thompson“-Voyage, it regularly had an interval run every Training week. I feel, that these pushed my VO2-Max to the next level…

Hi! There are journeys which includes running in their session ( Balance Burn, Cardio Burn and, off course, Hybrid running). I just think it depends on what your target is so to choose the proper journey which includes running.
Otherwise you can always pick up a Running God once a week and have fun with it. :wink:

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I get there are journeys that include a run - I just completed balance burn and now I’ve moved onto explosive strength I’m left missing it. The problem is that none of the training journeys break down specifics of what is included so unless you have done a journey it’s hard to factor it into your decision. Rather than reduce training days from 5 to 4 and then manually include a run it would be great to just have the option for the coach to incorporate it.