Coach estimations are just wrong, too low

They are consistently too low, sometimes half of how much I actually need. They are not consistent with my own training history either. This matters, because I would like to use coach estimations to plan my day - have some idea about how much time I need to exercise.

For example, I checked my own history and I do 20 burpees in around 6 minutes (I am out of shape). However, coach prescribed me 50 burpees, 50 squats and 50 situps and estimated it to 9-13 minuts. There is no way it is possible. It is the same with running, jumping jacks, anything.

This is made worst by new layout not showing me how much time I actually needed compared to how much time was estimated. So it is unnecessary work for me to track it manually so that I can calculate the coach bias.

My theory is that I used to be in better shape years ago and freeletics still “remembers” that.

Hi @m.jurcovicova, it is definitely possible that the Coach bases the current estimate on your historcal average.
the best thing to do is to always give approrpiate feedback for the Coach to adapt to your current fitness level, by saying “This was too much” etc. Feel free to use the adapt button as well to give yourself a shorter session if you can judge it will take too long, or easier sessions.


But, it is not necessary that it was “too much”. I could do that workout or run … just that it took twice as much time. I do not want to give that feedback, because then the Freeletic will give me much easier workouts. Most of the time I am fine with actual load. When I am not, I ask for easier workout.

I am slow, but I can actually do those.

As in, coach is prescribing me ok exercises, it is just estimates them to take me a lot less time.

Not sure how this estimated times are calculated; they are often wrong in my case (either too high or too less) :person_shrugging: that’s why I often ignore it and estimate myself the time I would need to perform.
I’m absolutely with @m.jurcovicova: either the estimated times should be based on my own performances or they should be removed (as they simple are useless the way it’s implemented).

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I don’t think it should be removed, because for me in the beginning it was like a target that I aimed for in the long run.

I agree with @pedromlamorim, the estimates are usually on point for myself, + or - circa 5-10 min

It has always estimated shorter time than I need also. Did when I first started, still does. I might be a bit clumsy and sometimes my workout mat is some meters away from my pullup bar and so on, so the transitions between excersises take longer I guess. Also life happens, an itch, a pain, hair in your eyes, water bottle put just in the way of the superman arm thing, thousands of other small things could be imagined. I might also just do the excersise too slow. But also I would rather do the excersises slower than expected than not doing them.

I guess what I should have said is that it does not seem like the coach learns anything about how long it takes me to do the excersises, and I just assume it will take me around 50% longer than suggested to finish. Sometimes 30%, sometimes 100%.

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I agree. Specially when it comes to barbell exercises. Like, back squats. Coach sometimes puts 3 mins of rest between the sets and for 5-6 sets it adds up. The rests alone would take 20 minutes but the interval time estimate is 10 mins or something :slight_smile:

My rule of thumb is to x2 the time if It’s a strength training day. Otherwise, I can’t fit it into my schedule properly.