Coach Feedback Question

Does the coach feedback selected at the end refer to the entire workout or just the last exercise?

Hi @huntersimms,

Depending on the type of training you do, you will be asked to give feedback about your level of exhaustion or your performance technique. Make sure you take these questions seriously, as they will influence your future trainings.

The exertion feedback, where you can choose “It was OK”, “It was too much”, etc refers to how exhausting you found the entire workout and is used to adjust how exhausting the following sessions will be, it may not be necessarily noticeable from the immediate next session. This feedback therefore does not concern how the exercises were performed or whether breaks were needed, but rather how the exertion of the workout relates to your own preferences . It is therefore highly subjective

The technique feedback is a more objective question, and this is where you should capture information about incorrect technique, replacing one or more exercises, or taking excessively long breaks because you reached a point of exhaustion.

Hope this helps!

Hi Lara,
Thank you for the reply. I think what I mean is…at the VERY end of the last exercise, I’m asked about technique. I’m wondering if that’s referring to only that last exercise, or all the exercises for the total workout. Since technique is only asked once (and is visually designed differently), whereas exertion is asked after every interval.

Hi Lara,
does this mean if i need to take breaks in 20 pushups. That i should not give feedback for perfect technique because i couldnt do them all without pausing?

There is no feedback for the whole session. Only for intervals and individual exercises. So likely the one you are referring to is an individual exercise.

You should indicate that you had to take breaks but were able to complete them with correct technique. Second option from last.

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