Coach Not Listening to Me

I’m using Freeletics on a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Ultra. I’m following the general strength training program, and am currently on Session 15 of 42 of the “Dumbbell Gain” series.

I’m a 69 year old, highly experienced ultramarathoner, but I’m a resistance training beginner, so the highest weight I can handle for most of the upper body work is 5 kg per dumbbell.

Since I started with Freeletics (Dumbbell Gain) the “Coach” never suggests a weight of less than 20 kg per dumbbell for any exercise, even though from the beginning (Session 1) I have been consistently providing accurate feedback at the end of every set regarding exactly how much weight I could actually lift (usually 5 kg); how many reps I could complete; and the associated difficulty level (using the sliders on the feedback screen).

It’s not helpful that the app’s AI is apparently not “getting it” that I’m nowhere near ready to lift 20 kg. Why is this?

I signed up for Freeletics with the expectation that I would receive personalized training. This isn’t happening. The “Coach” is deaf, dumb and blind.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, and welcome to forum

I haven’t done that journey so can’t help you that much here. Someone else could give you better answers.

Only advice I could offer is maybe try to go to coach settings and assign only weights you want to train with, in your case 5kg.
Coach then shouldn’t give you more than that.

Thanks for the tip, which spurred me to revisit my Coach settings, so I did, and it looks like I was indeed doing something wrong.

I’m chagrined to disclose that when I drilled down into the equipment settings screen I discovered that I had neglected to specify exactly what free weights I have. Somehow the default list started at 20 kg and went up from there!

This probably explains why the Coach has never suggested a lift less than 20 kg for me. I had inadvertently given the Coach an inaccurate toolbox to work with.

I’ve fixed that now, so let’s see if it has resolved the problem.

Thanks again for your help! :pray:

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Pro tip:
Visit coach settings regularly.
To unlock skill progressions, add equipment, manage training days and so on.

One time I went on holidays and turned on “train quietly” and “no equipment” options.
After I came back I forgot to turn them back off and was wondering for almost 3 weeks what is wrong with coach :joy: