Coach switches planned sessions

Hey everyone,

I tried to use the search for my question, but wasn’t really able to find a useful answer.

5 weeks ago I started my Strength & Cardio journey, with minimum 3 training days per week usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Coach uses the strength days usually on Tuesdays and conditioning on Thursdays. Saturdays are as well for conditioning to beat the PBs for certain god workouts.

For 4 weeks I was able to train according to the sessions of the coach on these particular days. Last week, I decided to train my Tuesdays session on Monday.
On Tuesday a new condition session appeared by the coach, which I wasn’t keen to do.
I did my planned Thursday session one day earlier as well, on Wednesday, but I realized, the coach’s created session for Tuesday is still in my week’s plan.
I ignored it, looking forward to do my Saturday session (strength this time).
On Saturday morning I realized, the coach deleted my planned Saturday strength session to switch it with the annoying conditioning session which was still lurking around.

The problem is, that I have to make sure my training as enough strength sessions, so I was actually really looking forward for the planned Saturday session.

My question now is how to avoid that in the future? Did I do something wrong?

Thank for the help guys. It’s really nice to have this forum to get help.

You can adapt your session asking for a harder workout or a different one.

Yes, but the Coach creates a difficult Cardio workout, instead of the planned strength workout

Hi @BKronos , the Coach will adapt depending on what session you’ve done and always make sure you hit all of your “planned” workout during the week.
If you decide not to train on a specific day, the Coach will push that session to your next day,
In this instance, you did your strength session earlier, so Coach moved your Thursday conditioning to Tuesday (2nd day of your week), as you skipped it but did your last day before the 2nd, it wanted to make sure you still hit that sort of training in your schedule.

I hope that make sense, the only way I can think of to reshuffle your days and training completely is to actually go in settings and change your days of training there instead of doing your days in advance within the coach tab.

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