Rolling over of training day missed

I am doing weights free gain program currently . Its a 5 day a week schedule . What I have noticed is that if I miss one particular day of training, it doesn’t move over to the next day . I didn’t face this problem in my other training journey’s …
So just wanted to know , why is this happening?? Would appreciate any feedback… thank you .

Hey @Pabyk :wave:t2:

Can you share a screenshot of your Coach tab to show what’s happening? This sounds a bit strange to be honest-but there could be a couple of explanations here. Screenshots will help those who want to help you understand a bit more exactly what is happening :+1:t2:

Essentially, if you don’t train on a Coach scheduled day (so one of the days that you have specified in the settings of your Coach tab) this Session should indeed get pushed back to the next day.

eg. I set my training days to Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. If I don’t train today, my Friday Session will get rolled over to tomorrow, and I will have training Saturday and Sunday. Things can get a bit complicated if you start rolling over multiple days-if I use the example above and I don’t train the rest of this week, the Session I was meant to do today would get rolled to Monday, but my Sunday session would get pushed back to the Wednesday (i.e. my next scheduled training day).

If it isn’t getting pushed back to the next day, what is happening to it? I assume you had a Coach session scheduled yesterday and believe it should have been pushed today?