I want to start using Kettlebells


I’m thinking about starting to use kettlebells. I dont use weights and I never really used them in the past.

I wonder what’s better to use in the app to start with kettlebells and learn gradually:
Is it better to start with the 3 months program already available or is it better to start with a few random kettlebell exercices available in the app ?

Perhaps, could you give 2-3 exercices with kettlebells I could try to get accomodated with it ?

Thanks in advance for your answer :wink:

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Hi @jomababasy, I guess it also really depends on your goal. I think if you buy a few kettlebells, the best way to learn how to use them would be via the dedicated 3 month Kettlebell journey, as it would be tailored to your strength progress and you’ll get more exposure to the movments.
If you enable kettlebell as an equipment available in the bodyweight journey, the coach will assign some kettlebell movement but not tell you what weight you should use. This could be somewhat confusing if you have no training history with kettlebells at all.


To be honest and at my opinion, the Kettlebell Fundamentals isn’t for beginners. My husband did it and never worked out before with weights. He got Windmills and Turkish Getups - both advanced exercises. I wasn’t able to watch him workout because I expected him every single time to got injured. In the end he had to quit the Journey due to an injury. :person_shrugging:
So if you choose this Journey please be really careful concerning the technique of movements and switch to a really light weight (e.g. a water bottle) if you don’t feel safe enough for your lightest Kettlebell.


Thank you for your answer guys.

I wanted to try something new for developing strength and endurance for my next journey. This is Hell Week this week for me so I was anticipating on what to do next.

I think I’m not going to choose the kettlebells journey but only pick up a few easy exercices available on the app and see where it goes.

Have a nice day. :clap::clap::clap:


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For beginners, it’s often beneficial to start with a structured program like the 3-month program available in the app. This provides a progressive approach to learning kettlebell exercises and ensures a balanced workout routine. However, you can also complement this with a few basic kettlebell exercises like the kettlebell swing, goblet squat, and Turkish get-up to get familiar with the movements. Start with lighter weights and focus on proper form to minimize the risk of injury and maximize effectiveness.

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Thx I will do that

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Hi @jomababasy, you could also try one of the kettlbell workout in the app like the “Kettlebell Strength HIIT” or “kettlebell Activation” to see how it’s like :clapclapstatic:

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Ok thx. I didn’t see that there was already 12 specific kettlebells workout available.

I will use those to start then. I’ll try the 3-months program next summer if I get used to the kettlebells.

Thank you everyone for all your answers. Very useful :grin:


agreed with that!