Corresponding exercise on Freeletics : Fire Hydrant, Clam, etc

I take advantage of the new workout creation feature to try to integrate the routine prescribed by my physiotherapist to strengthen my piriformis and the surrounding muscles. Of course, not all the exercises he advised me to do are in the database.

In your opinion, which exercises in freeletics correspond to the :

  • fire hydrant (band)
  • kick back (band)
  • clam (band)

I have the impression that freeletics overlooks the piriformis exercises, what do you think?

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Heya :wave:t2:

We of course don’t have every single possible exercise in the app but there are a lot of exercises in the app that will support the muscle groups you mention.

And of course, please do do any exercises that your Physiotherapist advised you to. You can of course do these additionally to any other exercises in the app that your Physio thinks are suitable.

If your physio has suggested you do those exercises in particular, please do them-don’t try and substitute them with another exercise just because it is in the app.