Totally Random Exercises

Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a subscription after a 5 year break from Freeletics. I love the idea and interface of the app, but I find the exercises to be totally random with an almost exclusive focus on legs and core. Does anyone else find this?

My understanding is that a well programmed workout should include all plains of motion - pull, push, hinge, squat etc - but I’m two weeks in and all I’m getting is core, legs repeat. (I’m doing Strength and Stamina but I’ve checked the other journeys and they all seem like a slight variation of the same routine).

Freeletics tends to say ‘the coach will adapt over time’ but why doesn’t it start as it means to go on - with a well balanced routine that hits all muscle groups and movement patterns?

I’ve also hear people say you can let the coach know about soreness so it can emphasise other muscle groups, but I can’t see this feature in the coach. I’m hoping that if I do this, it will prescribe me upper body exercises.

Obviously I can do pushups, pulls, chins & rows myself, but doesn’t this kind of defeat the point of the coach?

My free trial expires in a few days and I’m considering cancelling unless somebody can tell me there’s method to the coach’s madness! Can anyone help?


Hi, welcome to the forum!

Once I asked here if anyone else thought that the programmes were too upper body focused, so my conclusion is that they vary per user. :smiley:

A few parameters affect your workouts: the journey, the number of scheduled days per week, the equipment you specified, the exercises you may have excluded, the level that Coach thinks you have.

I’ll take a guess and say that Coach is trying to build up your strength and doesn’t know your level fully yet.

I agree it is a bit confusing. Once you know the logic, it makes sense, but the truth is many people don’t know it and may get demotivated before the Coach adapts.

Things you can try:

  • On the Coach screen, find Single exercises and perform and log some upper body exercises (e.g. pushups), so Coach learns that you can do them
  • Next time you do a Coach session, first click the “Adapt” button - I want to exclude certain body areas - legs. Try playing with the Adapt option until you get a workout with upper body.

Thanks for your helpful reply. I ended up cancelling before the 14 day period. I’m quite disappointed as I had high hopes for the app, but I couldn’t see any logic in 4-5 days straight of squats and crunches! I really hope Freeletics adopts a more balanced approach. It’s a great app but the programming of workouts makes no sense to me at all. Cheers though!