What Dumbell Weights for me

Hi all, is my 12th sessions now but still i dont know what dumbell weight i should be taking as i did add in several weights of the dumbell inside. Yet the training with dumbells doesnt shows the weight on my case til today? Anyone can advice on this? Thanks.

Hi @Crespo2003 - Are you doing the Dumbbell specific journey or did you add the dumbbells to one of the other bodyweight journeys? Only the dumbbell specific journey assigns you a weight. If no weight is assigned, it is up to you to decide what weight is appropriate for the number of reps the coach is giving you.

Personally, I have three weights and use the middle one when the coach doesn’t assign a weight. If it is too much for me, then I will drop to the lighter weight for the rest of the workout.

I hope that helps!

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weight free gain journey.

The weights free gain journey falls under the latter group of journeys that do not specifically prescribe specific weights with dumbbells or kettlebells. Using these implements is supplemental to the core journey, which is based on bodyweight exercises. I would recommend using the strategy that I described above.

Hopefully, the coach can eventually take the available weights into consideration for these journeys too, but that isn’t part of the experience as of now.

Hi @Crespo2003 , I recommend reading this post regarding what weight to pick from the Freeletics blog:

There is a post on these specific queries in the FAQ section.

Hope that helps.


So which journey should I take? I already with weight free gain journey for 12 sessions already. But my objective is to loss my beer tummy and gain my upper body muscles ya.

Ok will look into it. Thanks

Hey Crespo :wave:t2:

It’s very hard to do these 2 things simulataneously :point_down:t2:

Really, this comes down to nutrition, as it almost always does.

If you want to lose belly fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit, so ingesting fewer calories than you use each day. To gain muscle, well, the opposite applies-you need to be taking in slightly more calories (and also importantly the right kind of calories) than you use each day.

Maybe take a read of my reply to another post below :point_down:t2:


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