Crab & Bear walks impossible

Crab & Bear walks are way too difficult for me!

It’s honestly so discouraging to me! Why is it only 2x 20 meters?? Why is it locked into that number, no matter how much feedback I give the coach that it’s way too difficult for me, i always get the same 2x 20 meters!

I’d like to achieve 4 rounds of 10 meter crab or bear walks! Then 15, then 20, etc. not start at 2X 20 meter for four rounds! :confounded::sweat:

Again, really discouraging and frustrating at this point.

Feedback: Please make crab and bear walks a progression exercise rather than throwing you into the deep end every time.

The coach gives you the exercise so often because it wants you to learn it. You can do said progress yourself though and just try to do and walk as far as possible and give the appropriate feedback. With time you’ll see that you’ll make progress and it’ll become easier :slight_smile:

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