Create a journey to develop six pack

Can you create a journey to develop six pack ?

The main part of a six pack is made in the kitchen.
You have to reduce your body fat. Everyone already has a six pack :wink:

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Yes. I agree six pack is made in the kitchen. I have already reduced my body fat to 11 %. Should I reduce my body fat even further. I also saw this blog post So, I thought to make a feature request to make a journey for building six pack.

Hmmm :thinking:

With 11% bodyfat Ypu should see a sixpack.
As to specific training:
Well, yes: You see those promises a lot: Do a million situps and voila: Sixpack!
Mostly that is setting up people for failure. Expectations to high, creating muscular imbalances. Muscle group is small, too, so it makes very little sense to train the sixpack isolated, plus the hormonal anabolic effects of isolated exercises of small muscle groups are negligible.

So what I am saying is this:
Freeletics is not a „12-weeks-quick fix-magic bullet-life-hack“, but short of an actual good, real, human personal Trainer a very effective overall system to develop a strong training routine, lasting fitness and an athletic body composition.
Consistency over a long period of time is Your friend here.

Basically EVERY journey is a sixpack-journey in this respect, albeit some more than others: So if You are at low bodyfat already, switch to a more strength based journey. That will cause muscular hypertrophy and thus a better sixpack.


Most Journeys will help with this to some degree-but to see the kind of results you might wish can take a looooong time to achieve.

I read a really great article on the subject very recently, I think in Men’s Health :thinking: Let me see if I can find it…


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Here we go :point_down:

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I will read the above article and train further. I really appreciate your help.

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No worries Jayk-we’re all here to help each other :muscle:t2: