Training Journey specially for Abs

Hello everyone, I think Freeletics should add a Training Journey Specifically for building Abs.

Many of us dreams to have 6 pack abs or even more :grin: . May it be a girl or a boy, almost everyone wants it.

I request Freeletics to create such Training Journey for us.

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Hello, yes great idea to have a training journey with focus on abs :fire: I often heard complains from community that there are nearly no workouts für abs available too and often do pamela reif workouts or similar for abs training.
Greetings from munich!


I’m sorry but this ain’t a very good idea. Most bodyweight workouts hit your core muscles. And no matter how much you work your abs, unless you get rid of that layer of fat, you ain’t getting visible abs. There’s enough core exercises in almost every training journey.

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Every good coach would tell you that this idea is bad. You should never so a 100 % isolated abs story. If you train your biceps, you need to train the triceps too. If you do abs, you need back as well. And abs are trained with almost every exercise. So there is no need for an extra story. Follow the storys and abs will come. Look for you nutrition as well.


I think it’s been said many times on this Forum already that abs are made in the kitchen :+1:t2:

Here’s a good blog post to read if you are looking for that beach perfect 6-pack :point_down:t2: