Chest fat and muffin top

Will this app help to shred fat on my chest and stomach ? I’m doing the explosive strength training for 3 months will I see a difference ?

Shred fat especially on chest and stomach is not simply achieved by pure training. It contributes to building muscles, but more important is your nutrition.

You could train your abdominal muscles 24/7, but training your muscles only partially contributes to fat loss.

Hey @newman232323, a big welcome to the Forum :wave:t2:

Yep, Horayshio has it spot it on :+1:t2: As @melaLetics always likes to put it, “The sixpack is only built in the kitchen”.

It is possible though! Take a look at Maxim’s transformation that he shared a few days ago :point_down:t2: I’m sure he’ll give you some tips and share his experience.


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3 years ago I was 22 stone
I started running and eating better and it dropped off but I know I need to turn the fat into muscle.
I’ve never been to the gym I used to swim 4 times a week as a teen and had a 6 pack.

I’m down to 17 and half stone now
But I have an over hang and man boobs still
What are the best workouts for my chest in the freeletics app?

Pushups, also pushups and then more pushups :slight_smile:

Joke aside (even tho pushups are great)

First, don’t think you can target specific area for fat loss.
By being in a slight calorie deficit and working out you will lose fat gradually.

To turn fat into muscle you don’t want to be too restrictive in terms of diet. Slight calorie deficit will do it and you need to train hard and smart.

My advice is and this is from my experience:
Do not think in terms of how many months will it take.
Try your best to make diet and exercise as your new lifestyle and results will come sooner than later and best part is you will look and feel better year by year.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for getting back to me!

To get the most out of the freeletics app what should I choose or do? Also when doing scissor kicks do I count 1 as both feet overlapping as one?

If you are new to FL and training I would suggest to start with 15 minute fitness training journey

Yes, so one rep would be on the “downward” stroke for one leg, the feet overlap in a different position, and then the “upward” stroke would be 2 reps when they again overlap in the original position.