Creatine supplement

Hi, does anyone use creatine supplements for Freeletics bodyweight workouts? How many grams, can it cause kidney problems, but above all does it work? Thank you.

hi @roberto.franceschini
I used it for quite some time while losing 20kg in 3 months. Would say it helped me a lot to get some more out of my performance especially when it comes to endurance, long sessions paired with low calories. Usually creatine shouldn’t have such an impact on endurance excercises but for me it did the job pretty well. Maybe was a bit of placebo or the better nutrition. I honstely can’t really tell.

Used 5 grams daily every morning. No loading needed. Always drink lots of water with it. Felt pretty dried out if I took it right before a long run.

What I can say is that you will look more buffed when taking creatine for sure.

Can not say anything about the kidneys though. :slight_smile:

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Hi Roberto,

My first time here. :slight_smile:

So I started to taking Creatine, I been reading a lot about the subject and I decided to buy. Even I talked to the doctor, didn’t impose restriction but advise me to be careful. Follow the daily dosage and the breaks.

First you have to pay attention what are you buying.

1-Check if the Creatine you’re buying, is pure On the bottle should say Cure or Monohydrate ( there are many other types, but most recommended is the Monohydrate.
2- My daily dose is 3g per day ( where i divide in 1.5g before workout, and another after sleep) for 6-8 Weeks and a break 2-4 weeks.
3-How to check if your creatine is pure. I dissolve my creatine in 100-200ml of water, many other people take directly and drink water or other liquids.

When you dissolve the creatine in water, creatine doesn’t dissolve, it’s makes a deposit in the bottom of the glass. If any other creatine “dissolves” while you stir and the water become white instead of encolour, your creatine it’s mixed with other synthetic products.
What the benefits and consequences of taking creatine:

Benefits well, not only improve muscular mass but also exercise performance, It is also used for muscle cramps, (fatigue), (multiple sclerosis - MS), depression, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses.

Boosts cognitive ability . In several studies, the researchers found that creatine can boost mental performance.

There are many other benefits where you can read here (Creatine: Why Use It? Scientific Support To Back Its Benefits)

Hope this helps you and be wise taking it mate :slight_smile:

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I am using it from very long. It’s one of the safest supplement you can use. Use 3gms each day for 1 month and you will see a lot of difference.


I have never used it but can see you already got some information from people.

I know it’s off topic but I can definitely recommend pre-workout though. My go to is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard.
It has 3g of creatine in it per one scoop, but I guess it doesn’t make that much difference since pre-workout isn’t meant to be used every day.

I also want to add that I use it sparingly, meaning only when I really need it.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I read that it raises the creatinine values in the blood. Could this be a problem? If I stop taking creatine supplement, will the creatinine return to normal values? Thank you