Workout Paradigm Requests?


I am new to the freeletics community and was wondering if the team take requests on workout progressions to program into the app?

Specifically, I was watching a youtube video on the benefits of training 6 times per week at 20-30 minutes per session. The idea being that this would help with habit formation of workouts and other benefits to the body.

The only rules are that they would have to be done within that time limit, would be 6 times per week and every day would combine a compound movement with an iso movement. (example: Deadlift for 3-5 sets + Bicep Curls 2-3 sets).

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this - but I didnt see anything in the description of the other forums that would be an appropriate thread to post this question.

Also ‘Hi’ to the Freeletics community!

As a start training 6 days a week and no proper rest days, is way to much for a lot of people. You need some time with consistent training to get to this level.
Take care of your rest periods, they are vital for your growth.
You can manually set up an own training if you feel like that, but for now 5 training day is max.

You can create a habit with 3 or 4 days a week as well, don’t know why 6 days would help with that.

I’m going by the thoughts within this podcast:

Not based on ‘bro science’ but an interesting paradigm for people who may not have the time for longer workouts.

I think the ideation makes sense from my experience.

It’s the whole idea of how some people become ‘farmer Strong’. Which is, at least from my understanding, doing the same movements daily while not over-training with heavy weights and allowing for adequate rest.

20 minutes a day that involves one compound movement + isolation seems very reasonable to me.

Hence the request.

That might be applicable for workouts not specifically are HIIT.
I’m working with newbies on regular basis, daily HIIT would be way to much for them. There are struggling with 4 days already.