Weight and repetitions

Hello everyone!

As I said in other post, sometimes I have an insane number of repetitions with some weights. The solution they told me was add more Weight in the Equipment. I did it, it doesn’t work.

I had a 38x Dumbbel Bicpes Curls - 2 x 7,5 kg.

I changed that on my own, since I have 2 x 8,5 kg, 2 x 10 kg and 2 x 11 kg.

I used a One-Repetition Maximum (1RM) calculator in order to do that. But it’s a pretty annoying to do something that an app I’m paying for is supposed to do.


Hi Rafa, this is my advice to get the correct weights and reps from the coach.
In the last series, try to do as many repetitions as you can with the weight you have chosen until you reach the intensity requested by the Coach. At the end indicate how many repetitions you performed and with what weight, then finish the session and give the correct feedback. In this way, the Coach will be able to adjust the weight and repetitions in the next sessions based on your real abilities


That’s what I did. I hope it works the next time.

Keep you informed :wink:


Same issue here, doing the Dumbbell Gain journey. The coach gave me an insane amount of reps today which I tuned down - for the next session it still thinks I should do 5 rounds of 38 repetitions of bicep curls. That is unheard of and definitely not reasonable. As we users pay for this app, I think we should be able to expect the coach to give sensible instructions - otherwise we might as well create our own workout plans.
Also the lack of actual customer support is appalling - a chatbot that doesn’t provide any reasonable answers, no way of talking to someone at Freeletics and a forum where users help each other.