Twisted my ankle on my way to the gym!


Hope everyone reading this is doing well.

I started using this app two days ago and I had a very good first session. Really felt motivated to continue working working out. Unfortunately yesterday, on my way to the Gym, I twisted my ankle and now its swollen. I have been to the doctor and he told me not to put any weight on it for next two weeks. I asked him if I could continue working out and he said its okay as long as no pressure is being put on the ankle. I just wanted to know to how can I continue working out? should I just focus on upper body and may be crunches/leg raises or any other abs work out? Also How can I modify the work out plans which have been recommended by the coach? for example todays session is “conditioning interval” and It has Plank knees-to-elbows exercise in it.How can I Find an alternative to this?

Please kindly help, as it would help me a lot. I do not want to sit at home for 2 weeks especially when I have not felt this motivated in a long time.


Hey there :slight_smile: I think the only option to adapt the your coach session would be through the “Adapt Session” feature. Click on your coach day → at the bottom of the screen click Adapt session → “I want to exclude certain body areas” → upper leg + lower leg.

As this feature was implemented for letting the coach know that you feel a bit sore this is not a bulletproof workaround for excluding all leg exercises that might put pressure on your ankle.

Get well soon and it’s okay to give your body some rest, that way you’ll recover even faster :muscle: :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the prompt response. It has helped a lot. really appreciate it.

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