Dislocated Shoulder - Barbell journey

Hi all,

Yesterday while i was following the coach session (i was doing pull over warm up sets), I dislocated my shoulder. I went to the hospital and they managed to pop it back in.

My fear now is how this will impact my future training, i was in the best shape of my life and is awful to find you with a sling and not able to do anything.

Does anyone had a similar experience?

For some context, I’m 27 yo and i have a fairly amount of muscle (the doctors told me they struggled to fix my shoulder precisely due to my muscles and i’m not sure if that helped…).


Hi Carlos, sorry to hear about your shoulder. It can be tough dealing with that kind of injury.

I haven’t had a dislocated shoulder myself, but a friend of mine has, and it’s been quite painful for her. From what I’ve learned through her experience, there’s a higher risk of it happening again once it’s been dislocated once. Not to scare you, just urging extra caution.

I empathize with your frustration. About a decade ago, I faced a similar setback when I injured both my wrists while lifting heavy weights. My doctor advised giving up most sports, except swimming. However, I refused to accept that fate and instead took a six-month break from training to recover. I then resumed with lighter weights, prioritizing perfect technique, using wrist wraps for stability, adjusting my diet, and adding joint supplements. Gradually, I managed to return to training and regain my fitness level, perhaps even surpassing it. Though I still experience occasional pain, I mitigate it by wearing wrist bands when I do, and taking extra care.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.