Data for new training journey

I have completed two Dumbbell training journeys and about to start my third. Each time at the beginning it asks for my estimated rep and weight, I assume to calibrate the workout. As I have completed circa 24 week of routine, why can’t the AI determine this? Does it mean that the app only “learns” for individual journeys and does not learn from prior journeys?


Hi @all1, the Coach definitely learns from all the exercises and lifts you have done.
The weight question at the beginning it to determine a base for your training as you could have been injured and took some time off, or did another training in between and increased your 1RMs, etc.
I guess maybe a test week as the first week would be best to determine these estimates instead of asking the user.

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Yeah, exactly what Tom said above :+1:t2:

The assessment is more an opportunity for you to concentrate exclusively on your maximum weight/reps, think of it a bit like a Threshold test for the Coach. I would ask myself, what is the heaviest weight I can lift for just 5 reps. I know a lot of other Athletes will treat it exclusively as a 1RM test, i.e. what is the heaviest I can lift for a single rep. Others treat it as a 10RM. Do what feels right for you and simply insert the answers.

Doing this allows the Coach to assign a much more specific training programme for your new Journey. That’s because the data helps to ensure it is pushing you just the right amount to get the intended effect. You won’t get much benefit from a programme that’s too easy, and you definitely don’t want one that’s too tough!



Ben, Tom,

Thanks for your replies. I will use the next training journey setup to actually test my max load for each exercise set. I guess if i do the fresh rather than rely on what I have done in the past I may surprise myself (…he says hopefully)