Decrease Reps or Weight?

When doing multiple sets of a weighted exercise and I get to a point where I can’t complete the reps at the prescribed weight, am I better to do what reps I can at the prescribed weight or reduce the weight to get the prescribed number of reps?

I had this issue yesterday.
Started dumbbell TJ for the first time. ( I have 0 experience in weight training)

I have decreased the weight and kept the reps. Have given feedback at the end that I had to decrease weight.

Not sure if this is the right way but felt like a right thing to do at the time.

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There is a discussion in the German forum where @Clara said:

Generell empfehlen wir das Gewicht nicht zu verändern und stattdessen ehrliches Feedback zu geben, damit dein Coach das dementsprechend anpassen kann.
Translation: Generally we do not recommend to change the weight and instead give honest feedback so the coach can react accordingly.


You can reduce weight for 1-2 set. And For he last reps you can Increase the weight.

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