Recommended weight confusion

I just completed the dumbell journey and it was great. I started hybrid strength and I’m a bit confused on two things:

When I’m doing a barbell exercise and it says “15 lbs” are they saying 15 on each side or 15 total? I dont have 2.5 plates so I wasnt sure how to do this.

There are no weight recommendations for dumbell exercises… i had bent over rows yesterday and just guessed at what weight to use. But again today with dumbell squats… is it a glitch?


In total :slight_smile:

And I guess you had the DB exercises in an Interval?
There are no recommendations concerning weights in general (at least in the Bodyweight Journeys). But I remember Ben(?) wrote in another thread that this is a topic they would working on.
For now choose the weight you are comfortable with.
And have fun

Ok thanks. Having weight recommendations would be perfect