Does the App have Seated Row Program?

Does the App have a seated row program? and if so; how do I access? I am currently on a training journey and want to increase my cardio without running on the days in between my scheduled workouts. Seated Row( on a machine at the gym) used to be part of my workout routine in the old app but no longer seems to be available. Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.

Hi @470315 welcome to the forum!
I believe the rowing machine workouts are something the Freeletics team is looking at reimplementing into the app but are not yet available. Maybe @Ben can confirm whether or not they are on the table?

Hey Tom, Thanks for the Reply. Ben? I was searching somewhere on the app the other day and thought I saw a 30 minute rowing machine workout under “audio training” but can’t find it. Does that help you or Ben?

Yeah, unfortunately I don’t have any good news on this :frowning_face:

So to confirm, there isn’t any seated rowing in the app, and there won’t be any introduced this year.

Sorry for the bad news :cry:


Hi Ben, Thanks for letting me know. I think I remember a couple of the circuits from the old app such as 200M, 1m rest, up to 1200 total and 200 1m, 400 1m, 600 1m, 600 1m, 400 etc.
Seated Row is a great FB work out and good Cardio for athletes like me with bad knees and Plantar’s. Would love to see it reintroduced. Have a great Day. Andy

You are definitely not the only one Andy :+1:t2: We just haven’t been able to do this yet, I’m fairly hopeful that it will happen in the future, I just don’t know when. I’ll happily give up my own longstanding #1 wish for cycling to be integrated for this to happen :joy:


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Thank you Sir! Please keep me posted.