Number of available dumbbells is ignored (single vs double)

I purchased an adjustable dumbbell. Emphasis on “single”.

I added the available weights under “Coach”, specifying for each of then that it is a single and not a pair, then saved the changes. The coach promptly adjusted the forthcoming sessions (Weight-free gain). However I get in the same session not only exercises with a “single”, but also with a pair.

Would someone please explain me how can I convince Freeletics not to suggest me exercises with a pair of dumbbells since I do not have a pair but a single one?

FWIW: Samsung S20, Android 13

Thank you!


Hi. Weights-free gain is a bodyweight journey. As far as I know, it doesn’t matter what weights you put in as available equipment when doing a bodyweight journey. It just gives you dumbbell exercises if you have selected dumbbells as available equipment, and you figure out the weights to use.

You probably can go into the “exclude exercises” section and click to exclude the double dumbbell exercise when it gives you one.

Thank you for the answer. Now I also see other people having problems with dumbbells in journeys other than dumbbells, and Frreletics answers to the tone of “we will be working on this [some day]”.

The suggestion to remove particular exercises pointed me to an unfamiliar menu, many thanks for this!