Dumbell Gain journey very low repetitions numbers for triceps extension and hammer curls

Hi all, about 6 months I’m doing Dumbell Gain journey (it is my second consecutive).

My question is about triceps extension and hammer curl sets, coach is mainly give 1 or 2 reps per sets for these moves in last 5 months!

Are these low rep numbers bug? Or is it intentional and based on a scientific point?


The Coach might be training your strength. For this sort of emphasis it is usually best to do 1- 5 reps only.

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I was thinking that it must think you’re new to weights so it keeps you at a low rep count and it might increase soon there after. I mean it always moves me higher even when some workouts seem difficult for me.

Now I’m giving very easy to the comments at the each interval’s end. I’ll observe a bit, but still it gives these low reps on the last one week!

:point_up:t2: Yup-particularly if you are in the middle part of this Journey :+1:t2:

One thing I would say though, is 5kg is quite a light weight to be using. As a guide we would recommend using 7-12kg dumbbells for male users :point_down:t2:, although please vary from this if there are personal factors that mean even these weights would be too heavy.


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