Dumbbell Strength Review

Hi everyone.

I just finished this journey and I can not recommend it.

At first I loved it but then I hated it. And not in a good way. It focuses in the upper body, having every day of the journey biceps and triceps. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That was the last day of the Journey.

The reps and the weight are just a mess. Despite the fact that I had written that I had a wide variaty of weights, it states I had to use a lot more reps and low weights. That is a bug I’ve already reported and the answer was always the same: you have to have more weight. I did it. It didn’t work.

38 reps with 7,5 kg when I have 8,5 kg, 10 kg and 11 kg!

Sometimes, you have different intensities depending on the left limb or right limb:

I liked the Hybrid Strength Journey and that can recommend it. I guess I’ll go back there or do my own training.

I’m ending the same training journey. I receive a survey about the training journey few days ago about what was my impression and experience with that.

First I like the point you get regarding to the Hybrid Strength Journey, for me has been the best journey they have. But, I don’t know if you noticed that, but when you train in HS journey five days a week, at least (as far I remember) 3 days were for lower body. So there question is: Do we need train more the lower body? Because maybe, the training Dumbbell Strength Journey is not the best for us.

Here like you said, a lot of repetitions with small weight.

I don’t know if I’m wrong or I’m too weak :sleepy: , (even I don’t have that dumbbell weight) 70 Lbs for that exercise… is too much, isn’t it?

My opinion:

On the other hand , I didn’t make a mess with that weird things, I mean I adapted into something that can be managed for the availability in weight dumbbell I have and also on the repetitions, however I noticed something different: When the weight was low and I did too many repetitions and I put all my attention in do all the repetitions with good technique, the stimulus in the muscle was good. I’ve noticed changes and strengthening in some exercises which is fair point for the journey.

I think it would be a better example to improve the journey, something like a Hybrid Dumbbell Journey, because also it’s true, sometimes I miss end tired and sweating, as you can be with others journeys.

Also I think some exercises can be added to make a full body work… I don’t know, but for sure, the journey can be improved.

Finally I don’t know whether the IA coach need to be adjusted there, and fixed some limits regarding what is normal to carry for exercise, I prefer the good technique over weight.

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Hi @dalbet,

I agree with you. I did the same thing, changed weight and repetitions. The thing is, this Journey uses RIR (Repetitions in reserve) in order to gain strength (2 RIR, I could do 2 more reps; 4 RIR I could 4 more, and so), and you don’t have to use such amount of repetitions if you have available more weight, according the scientific evidence whether you want to gain strength or resistance (Repetitions in Reserve Is a Reliable Tool for Prescribing Resistance Training Load - PubMed (nih.gov)).

In fact, traditionally, many reps with low weights have been used to gain resistance and few reps with heavy weights to gain strength and hypertrophy. Although some papers have shown strength gains with high reps and low weights, I don’t want to be doing a 90-minute workout when I can get there in 45 or 60.

Let’s wait if freeletics can improve the journey.

I’m a fan of the Dumbell Gain journey which gave me the progress I wanted from starting as a beginner and progressing to heavier training sessions over time.

And I believe that the recipe provided with a combination of high and low reps works great for me.


How many day per week are you training?

What has been the most bigger change you have noticed?

I just finished the training journey, I liked it.

I started training the Dumbell Gain journey in January 2022 after a year of recovery cardio training.

My motivation to train Freeletics was and still is that I am recovering from a long disease (diaphragmatic paralysis) which limits my training options. The only option to overcome my limitations is to train all muscles and gain more strength so I was told by my Fysio and lung doctor.

I train with dumbells 3 days a week (sometimes 4) next to my daily cardio training. I was an absolute beginner and had to adjust weight in the first 10 sessions but after that Freeletics AI picked up a training schedule which works really well.

Progress was according to my fysio plan going to take at least 1 year. So I kept to the program and noticed reps were increasing, then weight was increasing over time. I had a goal and so training was never dull or hard, it was something I really wanted to do and enjoyed doing.

And now I am able to do activities I was no longer able to do, am back working and enjoying life. That’s freedom that Freeletics provided to me.

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Wow! Congratulations.

That’s very nice that you have been that amazing progress. Enjoy it … I think that’s the better thing that freeletics offer to people… Fredom to train.

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