Training rep clarification


I m starting my first session tomorrow and need some clarification. The attached image says 4 rounds of hammer curls with 36x . Does this mean 36 reps x 4 rounds?

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That’s exactly correct, so this interval will consist of you completing the below 4 times :point_down:t2:

36 reps Hammer Curls
2 reps Tricep Extensions
30 seconds test

Hope that’s clear!


Thanks I am clear now…

One last question, when it recommends 10 kg dumbbells, it means 10 kg each or 10 kg in total?

No worries :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This will be the total weight to lift. You’ll notice at some point that for some exercises the Coach will specify 2 x 10kg (just using 10kg as an example here!), and in such a case you would use 2 10kg DBs.

Good luck!