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I started a muscle building program with dumbbells. I want to use bench in the program. But on the internet, I came across a lot of varieties with adjustable backrest at different angles. It doesn’t say in advance what angles I’ll use for the bench when using this program in the Freeletics program or on the forums. So which of the -15.0, 30,45,60,80 degrees will I need for movements? Has anyone finished the program? Those with a wide variety of angles may be more expensive. So which ones are sufficient, which angles can I use in Freeletics programs?

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Hi @solamnic, I think in the dumbbell journey you will only have Flat Bench Press (angle 0) and inclined bench press (angle: you can choose from 30 to 60 but 45 is a good average). I say “You can choose” because the App wil only tells you “Incline Bench Press” without precision on the exact angle. What you need to keep in mind when setting the angle is that the higher the angle, the more it will target the shoulders and the lower the angle, the more it will target the chest.
In general, for Incline Bench Press, a 45 angle is good as it targets both the upper chest, middle chest and shoulders.

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@TomG basically answered this perfectly, I think for DB presses we specifically recommend 30 degree incline (I hope this is reflected in the exercise instructions).

You don’t need a huge range of angles, something in the range Tom will do the job you need :muscle:t2:


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@TomG , @Ben thank you both for this nice explanation. So then will I need incline crunch?

Hey @solamnic, I don’t think so. You can check all the current exercises available with a bench in the explore tab —> single exercise. Then on the top right corner you use a filter and select bench as the piece of equipment. The list of all bench exercises will display.
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