Dumbell Journey - workout lenght

I’m really getting frustrated because of the duration of the exercises.
The workout can be compacted in 45 min, but only ±25 min with dumbells. I find it very little.
Is there any way to increase the lenght and variate the exercises?

Hey Radu,

I don’t fully understand the question-can you try to explain the problem in a little more detail and I’ll try to help out :smiling_face:


? the dumbbell gain journey daily routine is 45-50 min but if you remove warmup and coll down you are left with only 20-25 in of effective workout with dumbbells.
there is no possibility to extend it, only to shorten it.

Ah ok, I understand :+1:t2:

So, yes, the warmups and cooldowns are included in the total session time, but these really shouldn’t be taking most people 20-25 minutes-most warmups for example, would be expected to be done in the 6-8 minute range.

Some sessions will take longer (or shorter) than the expected stated range but this isn’t what you would expect “normally”. What do your next few sessions look like? Can you share screenshots?