Question around session durations

Hi there,
I’m new to Freeletics, only a few weeks in but I lke it so far and a already noticing some good results.
I’m currently on Week 3 of the Dumbbell Gain programme. Weeks 1 & 2 sessions were around 45-60mins but for Week 3 my sessions seem to have dropped to 30-45mins.
Is this right??

I haven’t personally done that journey, but the coach does adjust the total training time week to week. Sometimes a reduction in total training time could be due to an increase in intensity (or likely weight for the DB journey) or, often times, it is a scheduled reload week to let your body back off a little bit and absorb the training from prior sessions. Either way, this is a normal part of the coach algorithm to see some variability in total training volumes

That makes sense. Thanks!