Journey sessions should be up to 1.30 hour instead of 45 mins or 60 mins

Most of the journeys sessions lasts around 30-45 mins( warm up and cooldown included). I think this is too short and journey workout lengths should be generally around 1 hour to 1.30 hour in my opinion. For example, dumbell journey sessions takes 60 mins to complete max which I think still not enough considering it includes warm up and cooldown. I Hope we can see most of the journeys sessions lasts up to 1.30 hour in the future, especially ones that includes weight lifting. Thank you :slight_smile:

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If this really changes, it should be optional. For me, the upper limit is 50 minutes. 40 minutes is already long. Personally, I am happy with the current situation. Isn’t it possible to adjust the number of rounds in a routine? With this, it would be possible to adjust the total length manually.

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Not the rounds unfortunately, I am okay with 40-50 mins workouts warm up and cooldown excluded but honestly an 32 min workout (it is actually 22 min if you exclude warm up and cooldown) is too short for upper body for example. But editing rounds could be a good option. But I think sessions can be up to 1.30 hours but you should be able to limit the time if you don’t want to work that long.

I think some of the point with freeletics is that it should be something that you could fit into any schedule and any type of space (the body weight exercises), and the shorter length sessions definitely made it easier for me to work out more often. But I agree that it should be possible to choose longer sessions. I would sometimes rather do fewer but longer sessions, and get plenty of recovery time instead. Especially if I did the trip to my gym I wouldn’t feel the trip was worth it if I was doing just 30 min effective work out.

Yes , my main problem is with the weight lifting journeys actually. Because with the bodyweight journeys you can increase the intensity therefore shorten the time but in weight lifting you need more time to train , you need to take it slow. I get the feeling of not training enough in weight lifting journeys.

Quality > time
Or longer doesn’t mean better


Ofcourse but for weight lifting I don’t think you can fit the quality to 20 mins usually for example. Generally, Most of the people working out lifts for more than 20-30 mins. By the way working out more does matter. You can’t expect the same results compare to a person who trains lot more than you.

This is a HIT concept.
Again quality matters, rest periods and diet as well.

If you think you are training not hard enough increase the weight to increase the resistance.
You have plenty of options to make your training worth, length is just one.

What I sometimes do to increase the intensity of the workout days is to change the schedule for the week. If you’re scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, for example, your sessions will be comparably short. On Monday, you can change your schedule to Monday and Tuesday only (this way, coach thinks you’re working out only 2 times a week), and complete a longer session. Then on the next day, change it so Tuesday and Wednesday and repeat :slight_smile:

Coach likes to give you more intense workouts if it thinks you’re not training as frequently, so you can cheese the system a bit knowing that! It’s a hacky solution, but still, it should work!

Hope this helps.

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Yes, hit is a good option, but longer weight lifting journeys could be a good optional option too :slight_smile: . It is just a optional feature that I would like to see in app. I like to spend time working out more. In a whole free day working out for 20 mins can be a bit of a let-down:) not always because of not getting the benefit enough, I just want to spend more time working out while I stick with my journey.

yes, currently I’m working out for 4 days a week. You are right. But I think the workouts would be longer because they would be full body, right ?

Yeah sure. For the majority 1h+ might be too long.
Unfortunately when it comes to adjustments the weighted journeys are not as good as the bodyweight journeys. That might change in the future.

In the meantime, you probably need either top up the coach by yourself, increasing weight and give constantly feedback it’s too easy.

Btw selection of weights is another possible limitation, have you set it up in your settings or have you reached your max weight already?

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Yes it’s on max weight ,got it thank you for your answers, maybe a simple option like adjusting set count (similar to the option that allows you to change reps and weight) could work too.

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That I’m not sure. I haven’t noticed that.

Got it thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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Maybe I got this wrong or I made myself not clear enough.

You should have selected all possible weights you have right?
The weights you are using right now are not the max available?
If so, the only option would be increasing time/duration as coach isn’t able to increase weight.
I hope this was a bit more clear.

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